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Patience May Be A Virtue, But You sure Can Make A Track In The Carpet While Practicing

The E.I.C., while being a most excellent mother, magic house pixie, part time teacher, and editor of manuscripts, moonlights as a writer of children’s stories. So far she has done better than me, as she has had three stories published in the Junior School Journal.

Right now, however, she is creating tracks int he carpet as paces backwards and forwards.

For you see she has a manuscript at Random House being considered. random House at the moment has an open desk policy, meaning they will consider all unsolicited manuscripts submitted. In their response they say it takes two to four months to go through the reader evaluation process.  It has now been four months since we sent of the manuscript.

So we wonder. Is it taking so long because they have so many manuscripts to consider? Or is it because they liked it and it needed to go to the next stage? Or did it get lost at the bottom of the pile? When should you email to check? The wait is torturous… 😆

So the carpet suffers…


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