Animals · Humour

The Instance Of The Muddy Kumu

The path we have worn down to the chickens has become rather muddy. Rain and cows have made parts of it a quagmire, so we have to squelch our way down very carefully.  It doesn’t help that one important spot, where we have to straddle a fence, became our bovine friends main path from one end of the field to the other. The other day our youngest almost disappeared up to his waist!

So there is a certain inevitability that one of us would loose their balance and end up sitting splat in the middle of the mud. Today that happened. 😆

The E.I.C. lost her balance, and ended sitting in the middle of one of the muddiest spots, only inches from a nice large cow pat. Foolishly she informed me of her trauma! Quite sadly there is not photographic evidence, and most disappointingly she refuse to re-create the incident so that I can take a photo.


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