The Case Of The Antique Binoculars

This morning we went on a small round of garage sale hopping. A favourite pass time of the boys and the E.I.C. πŸ™‚

We found in one of them this neat old set of binoculars, which we bought for $10.00 πŸ™‚ Quite a bargain we thought.

Especially since it came with a cool old leather case. Looking at the inscriptions, our curiosity was roused, and so we have been doing a little digging on the Internet to see what we could discover.

They date from the beginning of the last century, probably WWI era. Embossed on the cover is the name J. Cripps 1916. At first we thought this might have been the original owner, however we found online a number of other pairs with the same inscription. We think that this inscription is the name of the original suppliers.

The markings on the actual binoculars tell us that they are “Marque Iris de Paris” “Nautique”. We have found that this firm of manufacturers made binoculars for use on the sea, like our ones, and also for the cavalry.

What’s really interesting is that scratched into the top of the case is the following: Lt. S. I Dixon, W. M. R., N. Z. M., No M2404.

So we found ourselves wondering who is this person? It’s likely they were in WWI, so what battle were they in? Did they make it back or were the binoculars sent back as personal effects? Just where have these binoculars been before arriving on our desk?

More research needs to be required.


10 thoughts on “The Case Of The Antique Binoculars

  1. Very cool. I was a bit worried as I started reading it because my daughter’s car was broken into and my old binoculars (complete with leather case) were stolen from her car. I’m glad yours weren’t them!

  2. Hello I binoculars that look a little bit the same mine say no: 258 on the box and thats about it..
    I’m from the Netherlands by the way

  3. Looks like:

    Lt. S. I Dixon, W. M. R., N. Z. M., No M2404

    Lieutenant Sergeant S.I. Dixon
    Wellington Mounted Rifles
    New Zealand Mounted ?
    and his ‘dog tag’ number


    A Kiwi

  4. Here is a photo of him as a stretcher bearer in WW1 at Gallipoli, Turkey – New Zealand’s most famous action (and defeat).

    If you ever want to pass the binos on and can’t find him family, I’d be proud to have them back in NZ. You can reach me at walterabout-history (then the at symbol) yah[removethisinbrackets]

    (Sorry for the paranoid address format but I hate spam and the address would otherwise be automatically harvested)



    1. Thanks Walter that’s really interesting information to have…

      We live in New Zealand so there is no need to repatriate them πŸ™‚

      Interstingly enough I work at Victoria University and the link you supplied is to a resource that I am responsible for πŸ™‚ Funny old world that.



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