Family · Humour

So Cute, Or The Right Decision

We had a couple of “so cute” moments today.

The library was having a storyteller, so we took the family in to hear them and our youngest T.B.T. grouped a bunch of chairs together, and lay down on them. He was having stories so he should be lying down… 🙂

Later on we were at home, and myself and the E.I.C. went for a walk to check the mail. As we headed back we spotted the small one, bucket in hand, heading down to the chickens! He called out to us that he was just feeding the chicks! So cute.

It just confirms to us that we made the right decision, when the kids have freedom to womble down to the bottom field and feed the chickens by themselves…

That, right decision, was further confirmed when we noticed that the cows hadn’t been properly fenced and a number of Kowhai trees were in with them. The eldest informed us that he can set the electric fence..


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