I Dig and I Dig And Then Dig Some More

I had a vision. A grand vision. I would build a website and I would host my podcast novel, like a lot of the other authors do. It would be glorious and grand.

So I bought my domain name 🙂 and signed up to a hosting deal with a local hosting agent.

Alas, alack haste equals bad decisions, and then you find yourself in a whole. 😦

I was looking at the details for my site, and found that both the storage space I had, and the monthly bandwidth were woefully lacking for what I wanted to do! I checked with my host provider and found that what I had signed up for was not what I wanted.  And to upgrade to what I wanted to do would entail way more money than we have to invest in this project. As a result I have been rather grumpy at myself.

So what to do now, that doesn’t involve digging myself into a deeper hole. Well I am going to see how much I owe already for the hosting that has gone and then back away. I then will take the domain name away for a while and I will probably end up using it here. It’s something I probably should have done in the first place!

It does mean that sometime in the next week or so my new site will disappear 😦

It’s a learning curve all right, but I will get it sorted! And I have discovered an awful lot in the process.

So my new mantra, less haste, more patience, and make sure you know what you’re doing before you start…. 😆


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