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Digging, Coffee, And Cupboards!

The E.I.C. Started digging the new vegetable patch today. I was having a little snooze, as I was home sick with a cold, and I got up and looked out the kitchen window to find what appeared to be a footprint for a new house marked out! Actually it’s only for the potatoes, pumpkins and corn, and it’s not quite that big. I will post a picture once we get batteries for the camera! 😆

She has been telling me that she needs an early night, but unfortunately for her I have designs upon her. I will be locking her in the cupboard tonight.

With lots of coffee…

Our test episode for the Spiral Tattoo was accepted, and now we just need to record the first five episodes for it to be launched onto the world!.. There goes her quiet evenings MWAH MWAH MWAH


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