We Have A Release Date

Yesterday was a bit of an up and down day. In the morning we had gone to collect some more trees to plant. We planted trees including apricot, nectarine, peacherine, quince, mulberry, peachcott, worcestorberry and a pair of mini kiwifuit.  Then I found Rose, so we went from happy tree planting to sad pet burial.

It was quite nice this morning to find that all five of the episodes of The Spiral Tattoo have passed quality control, and I now have a date for release.

It is the Monday 13th of September. We we will work hard over then next few weeks, so that when it is released as many of the episodes are int he can and uploaded as possible! It has given us a renewed focus on the project 🙂  I will be putting links and information about the release over at michaeljparry.com 🙂

Anyway hopefully it will be fine tomorrow and I can take some photos of the trees and new garden beds to post…


2 thoughts on “We Have A Release Date

    1. It may indeed be called a worcesterberry, but where we bought it from had it with an o…

      Also called “Ribes divaricatum” with the names:
      Spreading gooseberry, Parish’s gooseberry, coast black gooseberry, and wild gooseberry.

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