The Joy Of Bread

For the last few months we have been eating supermarket bread, but before that we baked our own as it’s cheaper and nicer. 🙂

The reason we weren’t baking our own anymore was that the pan for our bread maker died. I greatly admire those who still make their bread from start to finish by hand, but let’s be real people, who has the time? I guess that’s why shop bought bread became the standard.

Now when our much used bread maker’s pans surface began to come away, tainting the bread, we had two choices.  We could either buy a whole new bread-maker or replace the pan. We toddled down to the appliance store and they said that there would be no problems getting a replacement pan. Happy days we thought.

Three months later it finally arrived! So back to the joys of eating freshly baked bread. Yum.

I should add that we only use the bread maker for the kneading and rising. We usually make a double sized dough, remove from the bread maker and cook in the oven. Preferably the wood stove as there is nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread cooking in a wood stove.


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