Two Partial Success’ Gives Great Hope

Two partial success’ in two days has given me great hope for the eventual sale of The Spiral Tattoo, and brought great excitement to the household.

Firstly an agent has asked to see the next section of the story. Yeah. I know that doesn’t mean any guarantee of representation, as the next stage after that is a full manuscript evaluation, and even after that there is no guarantee either. It is however exciting to get the toe through the door. The crack slowly widens 🙂

Also, I had sent the manuscript to a smaller publisher who has an open submission policy. They are interested, but as they are a small outfit, and their production schedule is full at the moment, cannot progress at this time. They did say that early next year when their schedule is open they would like to check my progress at selling  and then take it to the next stage.


Pools In The Backyard – Shame About The Weather And It’s The Drinking Water!

We have a clean tank. 🙂

Water from the tank being put in temporary pool
A full pool. Anyone for a dip?
The second being filled
What couldn't be saved been flushed away!

Shame it’s too cold, and that’s our drinking water… Looked good enought to swim in 😆

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A Flower And A Filter

So the third pump died. The only good thing is this time we think we know what’s happening. Somewhere along the intake pipe from the roof, grit is getting into the system and ripping apart the filters in the pumps. So we have to close off the intake, empty the tank, get it cleaned, install a new pump, and then find and repair the point of contamination before reconnecting the  intake to the tank. Hopefully the tank will be cleaned tomorrow. The company doing it will also clean and store 16,000 litres to put back into the tank, all in all it’s not a good.

Below are some pictures of what has been killing our pumps. But before we start with those here is a daffodil from the garden 🙂

A flower
Builders paper that was in the pipe
Damaged filter

We Are Not Amused

I have decided that i would like to cancel August and September this year…

On the good side of the coin, our Internet connection is back up and running. The new modem arrived and we are no longer getting intermittent drop outs. Funny thing though, the new filter for the phone seemed to stop the phone ringing. 😆 When we realised we were missing calls we swapped back to the old filter and lo and behold the phone rang..

The really not funny thing though is that our pump has packed a sad again. This one only lasted two weeks before stopping. Sigh. We are so over this now. I have sort of got it restarted, but we don’t seem to have hot water….


The Great Agent Hunt Or Why I Won’t Self Publish

At the moment I am looking for agents. It’s a bit of a weird one, agent hunting. Once you have an agent, there is still no guarantee you will end up published.

There is one thing though that I haven’t changed my mind on in this whole quest to be published thing, and that is self publishing. Sure I am self publishing the free audio book version, but that is different to self publishing the dead-tree version.  So here are my reason for not self publishing:

1: Editing. Every self published book I have read, from the very, very bad to the really good have all suffered from a lack of an editor. I want a professional editor to help me go over the story to make it the best possible story it can be.

2: Editing se above.

3: Editing you get the drift?

Of course there are other reasons. There is the whole “I can’t afford it” reason, it’s not cheep, and often self published novels have poor production values.

And then there is the buzz of having someone believe in your work enough for them to want to invest money in you. Sure you then get lots of downers from rejections, but I am sure that when the acceptance does come, and it will, then the buzz will be out of this world…

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Updated: We Have A Storm….

I would post pictures, but it I doubt you really want to see photos of, mud, mud, rain and wind. 😆

Yes the storm has come across us. It is bitingly cold, with near horizontal rain, and a penetrating wind. Out poor chickens are all feeling a bit cold and wet, except for the broody in her little enclosure. She is the driest of the lot…

The fire is going and the house is steadily warming up, so that is good.

On the not so good front, we are being exposed to country life it’s most practical… Across the river on the neighbors side, there is ewe and her lamb which have managed to get stuck half way down the cliff on an area of slip. They have no grass and can’t get off the slip. We rang the farmers, but suspect that with the weather they won’t come out attempt to rescue them. We are not sure they will be able to rescue them. It’s a hard thing knowing that they are likely to die on the cliff and there is nothing we can do.

UPDATE: Good news.. The farmer managed to rescue the ewe and the lamb… 🙂


The Tide Is Turning

Well it better be anyway….

We have water! Yahoo! [We had better have water….]

The tank people were back today, and replaced the pump. Again. We are starting to laugh about it all a bit more now. Actually when the nice chap arrived this afternoon, he was a little peeved to learn we had been without water all day and the office had known in the morning… Words were going to be spoken!

On the illness front the E.I.C. is in full holiday program planning mode. It’s one of the advantages of being married to a teacher trained ex children’s librarian. 🙂

Being trapped at home for the next nine days is causing her nightmares, so to cope she is getting the old activity book out today… The boys don’t know what’s about to hit them…

All our horoscopes are saying things should be on the up so here’s hoping… After all it’s only 18 sleeps till we take the eldest to Melbourne…

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There I Was, Looking At The Stars, Sitting On Top Of The Water Tank…

Imagine if you will, a clear night sky, stars twinkling against the deep dark. A crescent moon letting slivers of light play across the grass. Two planes passing across the horizon, lights blinking in that steady unnatural way.

There’s a slight spring chill in the air, but no breeze to speak of. Across the little valley the Morepork’s are talking to each other, and in one of the fields a lamb is calling to it’s dam and siblings. The rumble of the engines from the airplane grows as one of the planes glides across the darkness, and then fades as it heads off towards the coast. There is no other sign of civilization except for the faintest of glows trying to edge up over the hills, marking that thriving metropolis Dannevirke.

It’s all rather peaceful.

Now picture a concrete water-tank, sitting just down the hill from a small wooden house. Light spills from the windows, but barely reaches the fence-line let alone the water-tank.

And then picture a man. Bearded and wearing glasses that reflect some of the light. He is wearing gumboots, and tidy work trousers, shirt and jersey. You might notice the slightly muddy, damp patches on his knees if there was more light. In his hand is a torch, and a flat-head screwdriver. He is kneeling in a slightly damp spot on top of the water-tank, peering into the open top. Sitting back he listens to the thrum of the pump that he has just lowered back into the tank and connected back to the pipe that leads to the house.

He may pause for a moment or two to enjoy the stillness of the night. Mainly he is waiting to see if the pump dies yet again, as that is the third time he has got it going that night.  Peering at the house he can see figures moving with haste from room to room, as his family fill as many buckets, bottles and pots as possible befoer it dies again for the evening.

After a while, satisfied that it will keep going for a little while longer, the figure pops the lid back on the water-tank, having one last look at the 21,000 litres of water, before leaping down to the muddy ground and squelching his way back inside. 🙂

Yes that was my evening as the pump plays up some more. We shall be on the phone first thing to the nice people at the tank company, and imagine they will not be best pleased to hear from us.