Eggs, Eggs, Eggs And More Eggs

It looks like our flock is coming into full lay. We have had ten eggs each day over the last couple of days. If they keep that up we will be having seventy a week. It’s our first big surplus which feels good.

It does mean the folk at work will also not be needing to buy extra, and we can supply the local food bank with extra as well. we just need cartons 😆

Now maybe a should try baking a Pavlova again, thought the boys love the meringues….


7 thoughts on “Eggs, Eggs, Eggs And More Eggs

    1. The colour of the yolks is so much deeper and richer… 🙂

      I am not convinced they taste any better, but in baking they hold and bind much better, and it makes you all warm and cosy knowing where they come from 🙂

  1. This excess of eggs could be an answer to your energy needs. By consuming all 70 eggs a week yourselves, the family’s resultant methane output could be captured and employed to fuel your car. You might consider this to be a very paltry saving – but it all adds up.

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