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Is The Boss Firing Blanks?

With one of the girls well and truly broody, and now ensconced in her own little enclosure, we are looking forward to having baby chicks in about three to four weeks.

We just have two questions!

Will she be a good mother and stay on the nest enough to hatch the eggs?

And has The Boss, our rooster, been firing on all cylinders?  He certainly has been, ahem, active enough!

Completed makeshift hatchery
On the Nest

3 thoughts on “Is The Boss Firing Blanks?

  1. It is very unlikely that a mother would be encouraged to produce a brood when it is confronted with an upside-down cot. This clear symbol of disrupted family life and the isolation of enforced solo motherhood,is likely to cause the best bantam to reconsider it gender designation. All chook lovers cry foul !

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