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A Day Of Highs, Lows, And Just A Little Cry Of Anguish

Warning the following post contains to much information of the bowel movement variety.

3.30 am – Thud, thud, thud. The littlest member of the family hops into bed. “Is it morning? Can I have a little snuggle?” Parents. “No it is not morning, but you can have a cuddle then go back to bed.” Thinking goodness it’s going to be one of THOSE days is it. 15 minutes later everyone is back in their beds, and hopefully snoring…

7.20 am – Thud, thud, thud. Master 10 “It’s 20 past 7.” Parents are like “What? Bottom! It’s late…” Rush, rush, rush lets get ready, while thinking “wow he went back to sleep and didn’t wake up again.” Maybe we should have know better….

7.45 am – Little Master 4year old. “I went wees and had to wipe my bottom”. Mum and dad, “Pardon?” Master4  “I needed to wipe my bottom after wees.” “Did you go poos?” “Yes, bad poos” – O no

7.50 am – Me. “Are you running a tap?” Her. “No, why?” Me. “We have no water.” Her. “Hold on just ringing work to say I can’t come in.”

7.55 am – Me. “Pumps not working.” [The new pump that has only been in a month, after the last one had also packed in due to sediment damage that isn’t covered by the warranty] Her. “Nooooooooooooo”.

So I head off to work, dropping the car off to get a warrant of fitness, and leaving the E.I.C.  at home with no water [meaning no toilet], and a Master4 with diarrhea. We thought it might be a short in the circuit, as water seemed to have got into the external switch.

12.00 pm Phone rings. Herself. “The electrician been, and Pooch tried to bite him.” Me. “Great just what we need. How’s the pump?” Her. “Drawing too much power, but the electrics fine. I have rung the pump people and they hope  to have someone here before dark.” Me. “Ok.. We can work it out. Somehow.”

12.03 pm Phone rings. Garage. “Sorry, but your car failed its warrant. It needs a new set of rear shock absorbers and two new rear tyre’s.” Me. “Sigh”

And the day had started with so much promise after checking the downloads and seeing hundreds.

3.45 pm. I get home. “Where are the dog’s?” Herself. “Away. The head dudes from the tank company and the pump company are coming to look and should be here soon.” Me. “Well hopefully that’s a good thing?”

4.30 pm. Tank head honcho. “Well this is the first time in any of installations that we have had any problems. The turbine wasn’t going and we don’t know why. Otherwise pump looks like it’s never been used.” Us. “Well we like to be special.” Them. “There is a little calcium buildup in the pipes, but that shouldn’t effect the pump. We will leave it in, but if stops working again let us know.”

Us as they leave “Sob, sob, sob. Well at least we didn’t need to replace that one.”

From inside. “Mum wipe my bottom….”


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