It Never Rains But It Pours: Mumps

In continuation from yesterdays post – 😆

1.05 am Thump, thump, thump. Master10. “Mum, dad. I’m sore.” Turn on light, find glasses, blink blearily at child who is having a quiet sob. Us. “Where is it hurting?” Master10. “Under my jaw.” Have look to see yes it is swollen and a little red. Herself. “Does it hurt anywhere else?” Master10 “No.”

1.10 am Myself stumble to kitchen. Close Master4’s bedroom door. Turn on lights, and find Pamol. Put Master10 back to bed, while parents scratch heads.

1.15 am Master10. “It really hurts”

1.20 am Herself rings Health-line. Not really fancying an hours drive in the rain and dark to Palmerston North to A and E. [Nearest afterhours spot]. Them. “Does he have a fever?”  Herself. “No.” Them. “Anything else sore?” Herself. “No.” Them. “Has he had mumps?” Herself. “No he is immunised.” [Us thinking Mumps?]

1.45 am Settle Master10 on couch to watch Princess Bride on TV. Hoping that the Pamol kicks in. I head to bed, while herself stays up. We figure there is no point in everyone staying up. Not that I get that much sleep.

2.30 am Herself reports Pamol is kicking in and he is watching Princess Bride.

4.30 am Movie finished, Pamol really taking effect. Herself gets up and puts Master10 back to bed where he manages to fall asleep.

5.45 am Thump, thump, thump. Master4. “Is it morning.  Mum can you get me breakfast.” Us. “Go back to bed. It’s not morning yet.”

5.50 am Thump, thump, thump. Master4. “Need to go wee.” Us. “Ok, then go back to bed.”

6.15 am Thump, thump, thump. Master 4. ““Is it morning.  Mum can you get me breakfast.” Herself. “Yes it’s morning.” [Well light is coming through curtains, the rooster is crowing and the dogs barking in their run. It’s difficult to say back to bed]

9.00 am At doctors. “It’s mumps”  Master10. “Will I miss camp next week.” Me. “Afraid so.”

When Master10 was young he had his immunisation shots, but had allergic reactions.  After his 18 month shots the doctors said it would be better to leave his 4 year shots until he is 11. No point in risking it they said and we agreed. He isn’t due until next year, and because of that he wasn’t fully immunised against Mumps. Sigh.

We may need extra Caffeine today. 😆 It’s a little funny, but we think we have had our run of bad stuff now… Whoever we have offended up there, we are sorry. Really, really sorry…


7 thoughts on “It Never Rains But It Pours: Mumps

  1. Of course ‘The princess bride’ is perfect for these situations – have had that film in the nursing arsenal for years. Good to get mumps at 4 yrs cos means he wont get mumps as an adult and become sterile! Win win for the kid, not so cheerful for you

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