The Tide Is Turning

Well it better be anyway….

We have water! Yahoo! [We had better have water….]

The tank people were back today, and replaced the pump. Again. We are starting to laugh about it all a bit more now. Actually when the nice chap arrived this afternoon, he was a little peeved to learn we had been without water all day and the office had known in the morning… Words were going to be spoken!

On the illness front the E.I.C. is in full holiday program planning mode. It’s one of the advantages of being married to a teacher trained ex children’s librarian. 🙂

Being trapped at home for the next nine days is causing her nightmares, so to cope she is getting the old activity book out today… The boys don’t know what’s about to hit them…

All our horoscopes are saying things should be on the up so here’s hoping… After all it’s only 18 sleeps till we take the eldest to Melbourne…


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