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Updated: We Have A Storm….

I would post pictures, but it I doubt you really want to see photos of, mud, mud, rain and wind. 😆

Yes the storm has come across us. It is bitingly cold, with near horizontal rain, and a penetrating wind. Out poor chickens are all feeling a bit cold and wet, except for the broody in her little enclosure. She is the driest of the lot…

The fire is going and the house is steadily warming up, so that is good.

On the not so good front, we are being exposed to country life it’s most practical… Across the river on the neighbors side, there is ewe and her lamb which have managed to get stuck half way down the cliff on an area of slip. They have no grass and can’t get off the slip. We rang the farmers, but suspect that with the weather they won’t come out attempt to rescue them. We are not sure they will be able to rescue them. It’s a hard thing knowing that they are likely to die on the cliff and there is nothing we can do.

UPDATE: Good news.. The farmer managed to rescue the ewe and the lamb… 🙂


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