The Excitement Continues

The super excitement continues in our household. Our eldest T.B.T., who we recently realized is lactose intolerant, has won a trip to Melbourne!

He entered the “Mattel” toyologist competition and has been selected as  one of the top ten, which includes a trip to Melbourne on the 10th of November…

So the E.I.C. and himself will jet off to Melbourne for the day. 🙂

He is having trouble going to sleep he is so excited!



I think I may have already mentioned that we brought back from Melbourne a “Bagpuss” soft toy for our youngest. It is one of those neat ones you put in the microwave to warm up or freezer to cool. Our youngest lad is very happy with the toy, especially since we have found on Youtube examples of the original show 🙂


The Cat In The Hat Is Alive!

On the weekend we went to Woodville to see the “Art of Dr Seuss” exhibition. It was rather neat, especially some of the art that wasn’t from the books. 🙂

They had had a fancy dress competition earlier in the day, but we had missed that as I was working. However when we arrived there was a fellow dressed as The Cat In The Hat still wondering around greeting visitors. Our youngest T.B.T., master four, was very impressed especially when the Cat shook his hands.

He was so impressed, that as we drove home we were told several times, in that wondrous breathless voice they have at that age, “I never knew The Cat In The Hat was alive”!


Highlights And Pictures From Melbourne

The E.I.C. read my last post and cried out in protest. Stuff the chips she says, what about the baby elephant!

So here are highlights, pictures, and other random stuff from Melbourne 🙂

Now I must say we took two cameras on the trip, and managed to only take a couple of photos at Wellington Airport and the hotel, we are such failures when it comes to pictures! I might need a fancy phone which takes photos before I remember to take more photos.

Anyway highlights.

There was The Lord OF The Fries 🙂 also Victoria Markets were really cool. I could see wanting to do a regular shop there if I was resident in Melbourne. Also regular would be visits to the Zoo.  We saw the new baby elephant, so cute, and a bear eating a chicken. It had turned it upside down and was eating the bird from it’s bottom. Sort of like eating a watermelon. The reptile house was neat, and so was the wombat.

The Science Works Museum was really cool. We saw the lightning show, and the Planetarium as well there and they were really amazing.

Also we visited a really neat Teddy Bear shop, where we found a heatable Bagpuss. Our littlest loves it!

We walked the streets of Melbourne at 6.30 in the morning and they were empty, but we ended up by the river front and it was beautiful. There were people rowing and over head in the clear sky’s were a number of hot air balloons.

Another highlight was taking the Eldest to a movie picture, and finding an old fashioned multiplex, and watching the movie with just us and one other family. We saw Despicable Me, which despite my misgivings was actually really good 🙂


The Shower



The Toilet





Between the toilet and the shower



The sleeping arrangements


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The Lord Of The Fries And Other Stuff

Now that our insides have settled down, I can bring myself to write about one of our discoveries in Melbourne. Mainly The Lord Of The Fries! Just down the road from our hotel was this cool hole-in-the-wall take-away joint, called Lord of The Fries, and seriously they are the Lords of The Fries! They made the best chips I have had in ages. If a franchise opened up across from where I work, our bank balance, and my tummy would be in serious danger! If I had any money or interest in running a business, I would consider buying the Franchise rights for New Zealand and bring the out fit here. Nom Nom Nom. 🙂

In other news, my partial success on the agent front, turned into a full no. But we are not disheartened, the search for representation, and or publication will continue. I will see a work in dead tree format!

There is an opportunity on the work front for a new direction as a professional librarian. Can’t say much now, but we are quite excited if it comes to fruit. It will mean a few changes in our lifestyle, which will make life really interesting 🙂

For now though, more writing, reading and thinking.

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Writing And Gastroenteritis

In the T.M.I. file, the tummy bug that hit our eldest lad halfway over the Tasman sea has swept through the house. First the littlest fellow had it on Sunday, and then the E.I.C. today. I await my turn with trepidation, as it is not a pleasant bug.

On the writing front, I have had something of a renewal in motivation. This week there has been a number of positive reviews posted about The Spiral Tattoo, with approval given to both the writing and the narration!

I have decided though that I will start limiting my comments on writing to my other site. That is where I want to build my profile as a writer, and I think it will be more appropriate to post there.



Back And The Return Trip From Hell!

We are back… The return trip however was a tad hellish!

It started when the shuttle failed to pick us up! We had not been told where to wait, and waiting in the logical place was not right… Then followed a mad dash by taxi and bus to arrive at the airport only twenty minutes late… Luckily we were still on time to check in 🙂

Then the real fun started! The Eldest T.B.T. after a great holiday was sick as a dog for the whole trip back. It might be TMI, but he was going from both ends… Poor sausage…

So landing into a good rain laden southerly at Wellington at midnight, we managed to wrangle him through customs and into the car. Four hours later we arrived home, with only a few stops and one more throw up! Crawling into bed at 4.15 we gratefully fell asleep. Off course the youngest woke up at 5.30 and was so happy to see the parents 😆

Luckily the grandparent distracted him long enough for herself to stay in bed till 7. I managed till 10.30, and we are taking turns between supervision and power naps! 😆

Boy are we glad to be home though!


Last Day And Impressions Of Melbourne

I am sitting in what appears to be the Central Library for Melbourne City Libraries in Flinders Lane… And it is tiny… I must be mistaken, but I can’t believe this library services so many people…

Anyway impressions of Melbourne from on our last day! 😉

It’s a great city, the public transport system is fantastic and so cheap!

We have encountered lots of really friendly sales people, and some real clunkers… If the E.I.C. gets snubbed one more time! Also everyone on the street is so rude. I can’t believe how many times we have nearly been trodden on. We were out in the thunder and lightning storm the other night, which wa spectacular, and both herself and the eldest got stabbed by so many umbrellas it wasn’t funny…

More impressions. Every block seems to have a 7eleven, and a subway, every second a MacDonald’s, Hungry Jacks or KFC, and every third a Adult show, which thankfully the Eldest hasn’t asked about! Also the number of smokers in the city is amazing… Everywhere there are people smoking and cigarette butts dumped in bins.

Otherwise we have had a fantastic time. We went to the Science Works Museum and saw the Lightening show and the Planatorium. Fantastic! The shopping is amazing, even though it is more expensive here after taking into account the exchange rate! we went to a fabulous old movie theatre and saw Despicable Me which was really good! 🙂

Ready to ccome home now though!  


Melbourne Is Rather Nice

So far Melbourne is rather nice… 🙂

The plane trip over was good, and the Eldest was a stirling wee lad!

We have done some shopping, although  to our disappointment Myers was under redevelopment. We have been to the zoo and seen the new baby elephant which was cool!

Our room is interesting. The shower is separated by a curtain! Luckily the toilet is separate, although there is a roll holder.. 😆

Our feet have been worn ragged with walking, but it is all good!