Back And The Return Trip From Hell!

We are back… The return trip however was a tad hellish!

It started when the shuttle failed to pick us up! We had not been told where to wait, and waiting in the logical place was not right… Then followed a mad dash by taxi and bus to arrive at the airport only twenty minutes late… Luckily we were still on time to check in 🙂

Then the real fun started! The Eldest T.B.T. after a great holiday was sick as a dog for the whole trip back. It might be TMI, but he was going from both ends… Poor sausage…

So landing into a good rain laden southerly at Wellington at midnight, we managed to wrangle him through customs and into the car. Four hours later we arrived home, with only a few stops and one more throw up! Crawling into bed at 4.15 we gratefully fell asleep. Off course the youngest woke up at 5.30 and was so happy to see the parents 😆

Luckily the grandparent distracted him long enough for herself to stay in bed till 7. I managed till 10.30, and we are taking turns between supervision and power naps! 😆

Boy are we glad to be home though!


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