Highlights And Pictures From Melbourne

The E.I.C. read my last post and cried out in protest. Stuff the chips she says, what about the baby elephant!

So here are highlights, pictures, and other random stuff from Melbourne 🙂

Now I must say we took two cameras on the trip, and managed to only take a couple of photos at Wellington Airport and the hotel, we are such failures when it comes to pictures! I might need a fancy phone which takes photos before I remember to take more photos.

Anyway highlights.

There was The Lord OF The Fries 🙂 also Victoria Markets were really cool. I could see wanting to do a regular shop there if I was resident in Melbourne. Also regular would be visits to the Zoo.  We saw the new baby elephant, so cute, and a bear eating a chicken. It had turned it upside down and was eating the bird from it’s bottom. Sort of like eating a watermelon. The reptile house was neat, and so was the wombat.

The Science Works Museum was really cool. We saw the lightning show, and the Planetarium as well there and they were really amazing.

Also we visited a really neat Teddy Bear shop, where we found a heatable Bagpuss. Our littlest loves it!

We walked the streets of Melbourne at 6.30 in the morning and they were empty, but we ended up by the river front and it was beautiful. There were people rowing and over head in the clear sky’s were a number of hot air balloons.

Another highlight was taking the Eldest to a movie picture, and finding an old fashioned multiplex, and watching the movie with just us and one other family. We saw Despicable Me, which despite my misgivings was actually really good 🙂


The Shower



The Toilet





Between the toilet and the shower



The sleeping arrangements



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