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The Lord Of The Fries And Other Stuff

Now that our insides have settled down, I can bring myself to write about one of our discoveries in Melbourne. Mainly The Lord Of The Fries! Just down the road from our hotel was this cool hole-in-the-wall take-away joint, called Lord of The Fries, and seriously they are the Lords of The Fries! They made the best chips I have had in ages. If a franchise opened up across from where I work, our bank balance, and my tummy would be in serious danger! If I had any money or interest in running a business, I would consider buying the Franchise rights for New Zealand and bring the out fit here. Nom Nom Nom. 🙂

In other news, my partial success on the agent front, turned into a full no. But we are not disheartened, the search for representation, and or publication will continue. I will see a work in dead tree format!

There is an opportunity on the work front for a new direction as a professional librarian. Can’t say much now, but we are quite excited if it comes to fruit. It will mean a few changes in our lifestyle, which will make life really interesting 🙂

For now though, more writing, reading and thinking.


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