Three More Chicks And A Keet

The other broody has hatched three chicks. We also acquired two keets (baby guinea fowl), but one didn’t survive. 😦


A keet hiding in a corner
Mum plus one
Mum plus two
This keet is loud!



Breaking With Normal Blogging Practice

Our normal blogging practice is not to post pictures of the kids, or their names. With the fact that circumstances recently has made that difficult, and the fact that the youngest now wants a picture of him on the net, we will make another exception to the rule.

Besides the photo is just that cute!

The Cat Done Come Back!

The good news! The cat done come back…

Typing away on the computer I look outside to see the cat sitting on the deck. 🙂 Happy news…

Well mostly happy news. The cat was a most unhappy General! Another visit to the after hours emergency vet, and yes the cat has been hit by a car, and has a broken jaw. The vet says it’s a simple fix, where they wire the jaw. It doesn’t sound simple to me!

So in summary, I run over the dog, someone else runs over the cat, dog is bruised and sore, but might not need an x-ray, and the cat has broken jaw. All other animals are now to be kept in a padded room!


Pets – They Make You Lose Your Hair!

We are having a bit of a bad weekend when it comes to pets.

After work yesterday, I was driving up our driveway. The dogs were behind the fence in the home section, and the grandparents have arrived. All is good. I spot I can park between their car and fence, and turn in to park, when I heard a thud, then a thud and a yelp, followed by another yelp. I then spot Pooch, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel speeding up the hill behind the house. In the five seconds it took for me to checkout where I was going to park, he got out of the home yard and ran under the car! 😦

A quick trip to the vets, to tell us nothing seems broken, but there may be damage tot he shoulder. He is put on painkillers, and we need to watch for 24 hours until they can x-ray to make sure. They need to put him out for a bit and they don’t want to do that until they have confirmed no internal bleeding. Sigh.

Then to top it all off our last remaining cat, The General, has gone missing. He is very much an about the house cat, and he hasn’t been seen since yesterday morning. Arghhhh….  It’s enough to make you lose your hair!


Proud Parent Moment

[UPDATE] His piece of Campbell Live tonight has been bumped until next week. Too bigger news day for his story.

It is a break from our normal rules of not posting our lads names and pictures on the Internet, but seeing as he will be on Campbell Live tonight [unless bumped] and is on the front page of stuff it seems a little pointless. 😆

Tough job, but someone’s got to do it Michelle Duff – The Manawatu Standard

Cruising in a Hummer limousine on the way to his dream job is all in a day’s work for New Zealand toyologist Thomas Parry.

The Dannevirke 10-year-old has just returned from a whirlwind trip to Melbourne, where he was inducted into his role as an official trainee toyologist for toy giant Mattel.

He is one of only two New Zealand children chosen for the role alongside Mia Blakie, 7, from Dunedin.

In an enviable arrangement, the duo will be sent $200 worth of toys every month for a year – including some that haven’t even hit the shops yet – to test out and review.

St Joseph’s School pupil Thomas sent in a minute-long video review of a couple of his old toys to land the job.

“Really, I just said I’d quite like to do it and that I quite like toys … I don’t know, maybe it was the smile that did it,” Thomas said.

After being selected, Thomas was flown to Melbourne to meet Mattel’s elite toy testing team at the Toylab academy, and discuss his new job lists with Mattel’s chief toyologist.

“We got to do all the cool stuff like ride in a Hummer limousine and that, and play with the toys, and all the TV cameras were there. It was really neat,” Thomas said.

“I still can’t believe it, my head’s still spinning from the excitement of going to Melbourne, it was so cool.”

He plans on sharing some of the toys with his 4-year-old brother, and even some of his friends.

“My mates are quite stoked, I’ve got a couple of eager lab rats to help me play with the toys, no encouragement needed there.”

His favourite toy so far is a “really cool” police, emergency and aeroplane set, alongside the Dr Bones colour lab toy – which uses top-notch technology to change the colour of toy cars overnight.

So he won’t be needing any Christmas presents then?

“That’s what my parents keep saying, but I reckon. They’re really excited for me – my mum’s giving me the thumbs up.”

At the end of the year the Kiwi toyologists will help to write a Toylab report, naming the best toys of 2011.

The competition was closed to grown-ups.