A Very Lucky Boy

There is a vast amount of excitement in the house today. Our eldest and the E.I.C. are coming back from Melbourne after their visit to the Mattel Toylab. The eldest has been selected as the New Zealand Toyoligist for the next year, with him winning new toys every month. The only condition is he has to provide reviews and feedback to Mattel on the toys.

Apparently they have had a lovely time, including tea at T.G.I.F. and an hour long tour ride of Melbourne in a Humvee Limo! Evidently it is quite huge in Australia this competition. The E.I.C. was interviewed for Australian TV, though she didn’t say which. Also the eldest has been interviewed for Campbell Live, which will be shown next week! The hotel they stayed in was quite flash, in fact a lot flasher than the one we stayed in last month! The E.I.C. has taken photos, which I will post later.

At the end of the day they were allowed to help themselves to toys from the lab! They should have taken the large suitcase after all…


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