On Writing And Then Writing

I was suffering a little at the start of the weekend from a lack of progress on the writing front. The Oaks Grove was a little stalled on 10,514 words, and while I knew a little of what I needed to write I had no concrete plan. A quiet chat with the E.I.C. solidified the plot lines, and enabled me last night to complete the chapter plan. I know form last time that with a chapter plan my writing becomes a lot more fluid.

I decided today to attempt to write a big hunk of the work. This would get me back in the flow, and bring back on target to finish NaNoWriMo which is to write 50,000 words in a novel in one month. At nearly half way through the month I had only written 10,000. Well today, after writing on and off for thirteen hours, I started at 8.30 in the morning and have just finished for the day at 9.30 at night, I have lifted the tally to 20,534 words. A total of 10,020 words in a day. A unit known as a Lowell to some of us in podcasting, after the author Nathan Lowell who has been known to regularly complete that number of words in a day.

I might do it again, I don’t know, but I do know that this story is now well and truly on track to be finished before Christmas, and that I can achieve the NaNoWriMo target . I have 17 days to write just under 30,000 words, which is just under 2,000 a day. Very doable, especially if I can convince the family to let me write for a full day again next Sunday!


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