The Cat Done Come Back!

The good news! The cat done come back…

Typing away on the computer I look outside to see the cat sitting on the deck. 🙂 Happy news…

Well mostly happy news. The cat was a most unhappy General! Another visit to the after hours emergency vet, and yes the cat has been hit by a car, and has a broken jaw. The vet says it’s a simple fix, where they wire the jaw. It doesn’t sound simple to me!

So in summary, I run over the dog, someone else runs over the cat, dog is bruised and sore, but might not need an x-ray, and the cat has broken jaw. All other animals are now to be kept in a padded room!


One thought on “The Cat Done Come Back!

  1. So do you have the semi bionic cat home yet. What a weekend. You dont have a lot of luck with cats eh. Maybe stick to chickens or aardvarks or guinea pigs!!!!! Poor cat!!!! Hope Pooch is all okay now and staying clear of the drive.

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