Born Free

Our new chicks, born free, and roaming the wilds of the back yard….


Because I'm free to do what I want any old time....



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I Love My Deep Fryer

I know, it’s a terrible thing to say, but I love my deep fryer! Health nuts would be horrified…

Since opening that box of happiness I have cooked doughnuts, chips, and lemon chicken in the fryer. Hmmm tasty. Now in my defense it is healthier than buying these items from takeaways or the like. I know what’s in the ingredients and I know the oil is clean and at the right temperature. 🙂

I also like my new sandwich press, as does the rest of the family. Since Christmas many happy toasty sandwiches have been made. 🙂

I did suggest deep fried peanut butter toasty sandwiches but the E.I.C. said that was going a step too far 😆

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Christmas Traditions

We have a tradition in our family which was brought about by impatience and a desire to spread the happiness of Christmas over a longer period. The tradition is that on Christmas Eve we open one present each. It does mean that we get two mornings of happy “can we open the prezzies now?” at 6 am.

This year I opened the big box from the E.I.C. 🙂 and it was good. She helped feed my love of deep fried food and kitchen gadgets by buying me a deep fryer! O happy days. It was a good thing I opened that today, since it meant I could nip out and get some oil. Lunch today was hot donuts rolled in sugar and cinnamon, so let the Christmas good time eats begin 😆

Hmmm what to fry next…..


22mm Of Rain in 45 Minutes: The Excitement Continues

We are doing a very happy rain dance here. In the last 45 minutes 22mm of rain fell! If we get more falls like that over night we may even be able to cancel the tanker of water we ordered for next week! To show you how dry it has been over the last couple of months I will present a table showing the rain totals over the last four months. Note that when today’s rain fall is added tomorrow it will more than double the months total!


A Bad Blogger

I was looking at my recent posts, and I realised I have been a bad blogger….

What’s worse I forgot to bring my camera so I could take a photo from the office window!

We shall have to do something about both of those things 😆

In the meantime, if you could all lean out the window and blow some rain our way [that is towards Dannevirke] that would be appreciated!

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Ladybird, Ladybird Fly Away Home

Well then, the first week has gone past. Nobody seemed to suffer to much, though I was keen to get home on Wednesday! The job looks good, and when I have taken a photo from the eighth floor window I shall post  it pronto.

In the meanwhile we are having too much sun, not enough rain and an invasion of Ladybirds. Which does mean that we have no aphids on our fruit trees a or roses!


One of many Ladybirds on the house


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A Fistfull Of Cherries

It was with abundant joy that I found on one of our cherry trees a handful of ripe red cherries all waiting to be picked. I of course obliged, gathering my fistful of cherries into my pocket.

Unfortunately my plan to provide photographic evidence was foiled by the E.I.C., and the smallest T.B.T., and alas the cherries were eaten. 😆

There was a distinct lack of remorse on behalf of the miscreant cherry eaters!