A Bad Blogger

I was looking at my recent posts, and I realised I have been a bad blogger….

What’s worse I forgot to bring my camera so I could take a photo from the office window!

We shall have to do something about both of those things 😆

In the meantime, if you could all lean out the window and blow some rain our way [that is towards Dannevirke] that would be appreciated!


2 thoughts on “A Bad Blogger

  1. I am keen to see your view 🙂 So jealous about the cherries – however, our early plum has given us the first few fruits of the summer. Have to beat the birds to them though.

    Sort of tentatively maybe thinking of some sort of joint paper we could do along the lines of comparison of polytech/university elearning strategies/initiatives/practice. It’s all very nebulous and probably too hard to think of right now at this time but perhaps have it percolating at the back of your brain?

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