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I Love My Deep Fryer

I know, it’s a terrible thing to say, but I love my deep fryer! Health nuts would be horrified…

Since opening that box of happiness I have cooked doughnuts, chips, and lemon chicken in the fryer. Hmmm tasty. Now in my defense it is healthier than buying these items from takeaways or the like. I know what’s in the ingredients and I know the oil is clean and at the right temperature. 🙂

I also like my new sandwich press, as does the rest of the family. Since Christmas many happy toasty sandwiches have been made. 🙂

I did suggest deep fried peanut butter toasty sandwiches but the E.I.C. said that was going a step too far 😆


2 thoughts on “I Love My Deep Fryer

  1. I agree, fried toasted peanut butter sandwiches are excessive. Pleased you are enjoying them tho. So much rain now, I need to weed. Hope you are still getting some. Love Mum

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