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If it weren’t for your gumboots…

It’s not often that I (the EIC) post myself, but I thought I should share a new medical breakthrough.  As you may have read I stuffed my ankle, requiring much hobbling and a warning from the Dr to stay off it for three days (some muttering about a suspected torn ligament) .  Three days!  Who was she kidding, I started getting bored after 3min.  So in the best tradition of our family following doctors advice, yesterday I put on my gumboots and went out to pick some peas with the youngest TBT.

All went well until I tried to take off my gumboots again, after an eyewatering moment I finally wrenched the gumboot off my swollen ankle.  It gave a very interesting pop noise, and lo I was almost cured!  I could put weight on my ankle again, and apart from a bit of swelling and such I’m nearly back to normal now.

The lesson  of this tale must surely be that gumboots are  the ultimate footware, useful, eco-chic and now better than a Dr…..


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