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The Glories Of A Deep Spa Bath

In one of those mad cap moments we decided to zip off to Palmerston North with the kids and spend the night with the kids in a hotel. The main motivating factor was a desire by certain members of the family, everyone but myself, for a nice deep bath. We booked a hotel with a double spa bath and headed off. Checking in just before lunch, there was soon a procession of children, and the E.I.C. through the spa bath. With absolute decadence it was filled to near maximum. I watched the cricket of sky sport.

We then took the boys to the movies, which was the youngest’s first time. We took them to Tangled in 3D, so we also introduced the youngest to the 3D glasses at the same time. Now both of us have been reluctant to go to 3D movies, thinking them gimmicky, and remembering the really bad old time 3D effects. Much to our surprise we actually liked it. Not the lame coming out of the screen effects, but more the depth added to the normal scenes.

Later we watched movies after a second deep bath for those inclined. In pure hedonistic joy all three had a third this morning. O the wanton waste of water.


2 thoughts on “The Glories Of A Deep Spa Bath

  1. We had a spa bath at my parents home. Such a luxury! The one in our house is not big enough IMO *pout* But at least we’re not restricted for water.

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