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What Was The Date Again?

So today was our 15th wedding anniversary. As per usual we only remembered because the parents reminded us. 😆

Yesterday we were at the E.I.C.’s mothers place. She hands the E.I.C. a card, and she is like “what’s that for?”

“Just open it” the mother-in-law says.

The E.I.C. opens it and it is a happy anniversary card. “Is it our anniversary?” she asks me. “Umm, tomorrow?” I say not completely convinced.

“That’s right so it is,” she says before asking, “how many years again?”

“Too many,” is my quick reply, while desperately working it out in my head. “Fifteen” I say at last.

So there we go. Fifteen years. You are probably wondering what we had for tea in celebration. The answer is mini hot dogs, chips and fish-fingers. Who says romance is dead huh 🙂


One thought on “What Was The Date Again?

  1. LOL! yeah, we’ve done the same thing. Completely passed us by one year. We did remember the 10th one and did have a bit of a celebration w/out the kids. 🙂 Happy anniversary!

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