Lift Etiquette

On the many occasions I take the lift up to the eighth floor where my office is [yes that is lazy, but I try and take the steps at least twice a day], I have had many occasions to observe that strange thing called lift etiquette.

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but it is interesting to see how people stand in the lifts, and how they react to other people in the lift. Complicating things is that we have doors on two side of the lift.

Do you move to the back? Stand by the buttons? Face thee door? Face the middle? Catch fellow lift traveller’s eyes? Engage in conversation? I have seen it all.

Me? I am a shy fellow who tends to face the doors and only chat with people I know… 😆

That is all.


2 thoughts on “Lift Etiquette

  1. Yeah, lift etiquette is really interesting. From my observation, you only talk to other people in the lift if you know them or you have some reason to acknowledge them (eg. if they hold the lift door for you). Other that that, people tend to just watch the floors going up or down.

    1. Lifts are always so difficult. Full of silent poeple watching numbers, or lights flickering and changing. I am thinking I might challange myself to saying hi to some total stranger in the ligt everyday… 😆

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