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What A Ride

What a year it has been. This time last year the house had just been put back on piles on the new site, after being carried on the back of a truck the 12 kilometers from town. We were living out of the caravan and tent waiting for the power, phone, septic and water to be connected. There was no driveway, no real fencing and a lot of mud everywhere!

During the year I finished a novel and podcast it, I also changed jobs to start commuting to Wellington for part of the week. We took the eldest to Melbourne for a trip, and then he won a trip back there as part of becoming a toyologist. I ended up visiting the hospital after waking up with cramp and fainting after standing too quickly. We blew through four water pumps, and had a stinky septic tank.

We now have fences, gardens, a garage, driveway and a ride on mower so my nightmares of grass overtaking the property have eased. Our fruit trees are providing us with a small amount of fruit and promising to flood us with produce in future years. We have had happy sunny times on the riverbank amongst the willows, and every morning we wake up to a beautiful view.

Hopefully this year will be a year of solid consolidation, but knowing us that ain’t gonna happen. It’s likely to be another wild year 😆


Sweet, Tasty, Sunripe Goodness

Like a lot of chaps, I don’t really do fruit and veges, unless they are deep fried and battered. It might seem a little strange then that I (ok herself has, but I helped) have been happily planting fruit trees.

But you see the pay off is in being able to walk around your own orchard, and picking your own fruit, and eating it. 🙂

Now while it is too early yet for us to have an over abundance of fruit, the trees in their second year are providing us with a nice harvest. Walking down in the nice warm sun, picking the fruit is all good sweet, tasty, sunripe goodness. Apples just taste better that way!

I was mowing the orchard and I could go past the trees and pick fruit as I went! Nom nom nom.

Speaking of mowing, the grounds look positively park like having been mowed. I will post pictures later.

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Yee Olde A & P Show

This weekend was the Dannevirke A & P Show, the county fair for you overseas readers.

We have spent a happy morning, watching the horses, visiting the petting zoo, riding the rides, climbing the rock climbing wall, eating candy floss, chips and hotdogs. I drooled over the fencing, tractors and general farm type equipment 😆

We like to go early, spend the morning and leave just before lunch before it gets really hot and crowded.

So now the parents need a rest, while the children are on a excited sugar high…

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StarTrekkin: Geek Indoctrination

Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Either that or our geek indoctrination program has been an unqualified success. 🙂

Our eldest has devoured our Star Trek Voyager DVD collection, with all seven series watched in just over a month. He is now well on his path to true Trekkydom! I bought him a Star Trek magazine which he loves, and he has had us hunting out Star Trek memorabilia on Trade Me.

It warms an old geeks heart it does!