Risky Business: Decisions Made And A Path Ahead, With A Schedule For Releasing Ebooks

Things are starting to move forward for me. I am not sure how much I can say, but I have signed contracts for three Fursk and Gurt titles to be released in eBook form. The publishers I have signed with are a start-up, so I will be one of their first releases.

What it means is that, all going well, The Spiral Tattoo will be available in eBook form around July/August. The second title The Oaks Grove probably around November/December, and the third title The Honey Garden (very tentative title) around March/April next year.

I will still be podcasting them, but I will probably release the podcasts either just before the print versions are made available or at the same time. I think I will also be re-releasing The Spiral Tattoo so that it will match the final edited print version. What I haven’t decided is whether I will simply run right over the old podcast, replacing the episodes, or release a new podcast as an “updated re-mastered” version.

So it is very exciting all and all.


My Crystal Ball Or Navel Gazing

One thing that I have decided about being a grownup, and wearing your big boy pants, is that life lurches from one decision to another.  Each decision impacts on the next and can mean leave a lasting impact on the future. Some of those decisions are more import than others, and those ones are the ones that are the most difficult.

I often wish I had a crystal ball into which I can gaze and see the future. I don’t require it to tell me the Lotto numbers, although that would be nice, just to let me know if I am making the right decision.

I have one of those decisions in front of me right now.  I just have to confirm and sign a contract. There are risks involved in that, and quite simply I am quaking in my boots. I really need that crystal ball…

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Hot Wheels And Ken Doll

The horror! The trauma!

Today our eldest received his third box from Mattel as part of his Toyologist gig. Buried underneath the Hotwheels cars and kits, Pictionary and a couple of preschool type cars was a Barbie doll. Well not Barbie but Ken! The reaction was priceless, as he was horrified.  Apparently they will be sending toys that are not specifically aimed at his market for him to review. The girls will be getting boy toys as well. 😆

Needless to say he was not overly keen.


Enough With The Procrastination Already!

Since I started my real writing kick over a year ago, I have been giving writing a lot of thought. Funny that.  And now that I have ample opportunity to think, a lot of my time has been given to writing thoughts.

However not so much given to actual writing as I have been locked in a twisted cycle of doubt and self sabotage.  I have not written as much as I should have, so I have decided to go back to setting writing goals, and reporting on them as that worked previously.

So my new goals are as follows:

  • Write 1,000 new words a day on current work in progress, including editing. Might be problematic on wellington days, but I can manage that.
  • My other is that I will not play computer games (CivV I am looking at you, you addictive compulsive piece of software! Unless I have written at least 2,500 words on current work in progress.

Sticking to that I should be capable of writing 2-3 novels and 5-10 short stories per year.  

So enough with the procrastination, lets get writing!


The E.I.C. Goes Academic: Story To Be Published In Teaching Text

Very cool and exciting news in the inbox this morning… A couple of academics from Auckland University have asked if they can use Pet Day Problem which was first published in Junior Journal by Learning Media Ltd in 2010 in the new book they are writing. Aimed at primary and intermediate teachers and reading specialists it is titled Teaching Comprehension (that’s the working title) and NZCER Press will be publishing the book (print and / or CD media) – most likely in early 2012.

Pet Day Problem will be in a chapter focusing on teaching students strategies for comprehending narrative text (analysing narrative text structure), as an example of illustrate how to go about teaching narrative text structure awareness. So cool!