Enough With The Procrastination Already!

Since I started my real writing kick over a year ago, I have been giving writing a lot of thought. Funny that.  And now that I have ample opportunity to think, a lot of my time has been given to writing thoughts.

However not so much given to actual writing as I have been locked in a twisted cycle of doubt and self sabotage.  I have not written as much as I should have, so I have decided to go back to setting writing goals, and reporting on them as that worked previously.

So my new goals are as follows:

  • Write 1,000 new words a day on current work in progress, including editing. Might be problematic on wellington days, but I can manage that.
  • My other is that I will not play computer games (CivV I am looking at you, you addictive compulsive piece of software! Unless I have written at least 2,500 words on current work in progress.

Sticking to that I should be capable of writing 2-3 novels and 5-10 short stories per year.  

So enough with the procrastination, lets get writing!


3 thoughts on “Enough With The Procrastination Already!

  1. Good luck with your goals. I feel your pain, as I can waste so much time on everything but the act of writing. Will follow your posts so I see how you’re doing! All the best! John

  2. Yep, the computer games are a time-hog alright. I’m a Sims fan, myself, and can’t seem to leave alone my generations of well-loved Sims.
    Good luck!

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