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The Random Easter Update Post

Well Easter has been a mixed bag so far… I have been stressed over editing The Spiral Tattoo, and battling a cold. The eldest child has come back from being nearly a week away from home, and as such has been rather loud and rambunctious…

More positively The E.I.C is up to knitting her last sleeve for the cardigan she has been working on for the last few weeks. We also went for a lovely walk down to the river, where we saw a dozen fish swimming in a pool, a couple of fantails came and visited us, and on the way back we found a whole pile of tiny black grass-hoppers on a bank.


Feeling Manly

On the latest trip to the big city for work the car began to act up. It started losing power and skipping a lot. Having had that happen previously, the solution as given by the good garage people was new spark plugs.  Not wanting another huge garage bill I decided to buy and change them myself. Now not being mechanically minded, or even home-handyman minded, this while sounding simple had the potential to be a right balls-up.

First thing first, get spark plugs. These acquired from the local supply shop by giving the make and model of car, I returned home to achieve my manly objective.  I found the right tools, and the spark plugs in the engine, and removed the old ones. Success! I then started to replace with the new ones only to find they were the wrong size! Putting the old ones back, we headed back into town where we exchanged them for the right size ones. (I took an old one out on the street to make sure).

Back home trundled, and this time I swapped them out fine, all with the help of the littles fellow who thought it was very exciting playing with the engine. And the engine started to sound much better, starting first up and not skipping.

So there we go, we saved money and I was all manly like with grease up to my elbows and father son bonding over spark plugs…


Bunny Foo Foo

We decided that it would be important to have another go.  And so we rescued Bunny Foo Foo, a large black bunny of indeterminate age and sex, from the Masterton SPCA.


The new rabbit.


So far it has lasted longer than the previous rabbit, but that may have something to do with the fact that it is larger and looks less like an escape artist.

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Sigh. That Was Not What We Intended.

After the last great escape, we triple checked the hutch. We contemplated every angle of escape and took measures to secure them.

Alas it was not to be. I was putting the dogs to bed, and headed outside with the torch. Candy, the lab, was already outside having asked to be let out a few minutes earlier. So only Pooch was inside.

Heading outside I heard an awful noise, and rushing out back I found Candy having a go at Caramel Fudge. Maybe the name cursed him?

How he got out I don’t know, but he did. I pushed the dog off him, and rescued the bunny. Quickly I put the dogs to bed and rushed inside, but it was tool late. Instead of a nice new pet, we have had a pet tragedy. 😦

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Gosh, Twice Dratted Bunny

We head into town to get a paper, which is all very nice on a late Sunday morning. The supermarket has people filming folks checking their Lotto tickets, though if you knew you had won the 17 million [which we haven’t] I doubt you would want to claim the prize in front of cameras!

Anyway, we have gone for merely an  hour, and we get home we find the bunny has done the great escape! Great trauma follows as we hunt high and low to little avail. Finally Caramel Fudge pokes his cute little nose from under the house, and a humorous ten minutes followed as we try and wait him out, and then corner him where we can catch him.

Gosh twice dratted bunny.


I Should Be Writing, Or Something Along Those Lines

Here, there, anywhere. I should be writing.

Really I have been shockingly shameful in my keyboard tapping duties recently. I have posted here since last month!

Well we had better do something about it. I have been struggling out of the spotlights recently, having a serious case of the writers block. It has even extended to blogging.

So, enough with CivV, and Little Big Planet, hello blank word-processing pages. Also pictures. We shall post pictures and recipes again. I need to get back int he habit of writing. If a large number of random, and somewhat meaningless posts appear, then you know I am writing through the wall.

Talley Ho!