To Journal Or Not To Journal

I have been writing. Well mostly anyway. I have never been one for diaries or journals, yet here we have a blog, which is often used as one. Being a private sort of chap, I do not like to share either in private or public. I have never been one to complete a journal as an exercise for a course either.  Sitting down to write one I usually get to “I did this” and that’s it.

Yet they say the more writing you do, the better you become, and the editing process has shown me that is true.  I think I am getting better. So maybe I should give it a try, especially since as part of the marketing for The Spiral Tattoo I will be doing guests posts on fellow writer’s blogs.

The thing is I am a little self conscious about my writing. The more a type the more grammatical and spelling errors everyone will see. Also you might become aware of the terribly formal style I have in writing. I was thinking about that the other day, as the E.I.C. pointed out that rather noticeable style in some of my writing. I think it is because I am aware of some of my shortcomings, so I try to overcompensate when writing.

So let’s try this journal writing thing… Umm I got up this morning and went to work? Nay that’s inane… I should be writing The Oaks Grove after all I have deadlines people… That’s moderately interesting….

Maybe tomorrow I will have something to say?

Actually, to be accurate I have lots to say, I just write them in my head as I walk to and from work. And then forget what I wanted to write, or find since I have mentally written the post I don’t want to write it again.  😆

Sad huh?


2 thoughts on “To Journal Or Not To Journal

  1. I can relate to your last paragraph. I often think about things I might blog about but by the time I get to the blog, I’ve forgotten or already mentally written about it and don’t want to repeat it.

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