It Ain’t Easy

One of my issues. Can I call them issues? That seems overly self-indulgent… Yeah I shall call them  issues…

So one of my issues when writing, apart from typing so fast I have “form” instead of “from”, and a general level of procrastination is dyslexia. At an early age I was diagnosed with this dread disease, although I cannot recall at what level.

It’s funny thing really, as I can actually see it at work more consciously now, as some words and letters transpose themselves in my mind. I have to concentrate to compensate. This in itself may be a lame excuse, as I have been wondering if I have been using that as a crutch for lazy habits. That and spellchecker. 😆

Maybe I don’t have it, and at that time I was just not developing at an expected rate. Did the diagnoses actually help me or hinder me? I am not sure. I do know that I do have to concentrate a lot more than I want to when writing.  It tends to slow me down. I also realise that I used it to ignore lessens in grammar which is hurting me know as I pursue my writing ambitions.

Going free form here [I didn’t need to edit that one] I am still unsure as to what writing in the passive means and why it is so bad. It seems to be removing the past tense from your writing which is really hard, especially when writing in the first person.  I can see that it is better, but I am still coming to grips with the why…

Tangentially I had a minor flame war on Twitter today where one chap declared that all authors who called paper based books “dead tree books” should be shot.  He came from the point that he viewed the term as being dismissive of the paper artefact. 

Firstly I think threatening violence, even in hyperbole, is an ugly and unnecessary way to get a point across. It is too readily used today in a lot of discourse, and I view it as a malaise with the public discourse which prevents a proper dialogue between opposing views.

Secondly it predisposes the view that you are using it as a term to diminish the paper artefact. I use it as term of endearment.  I will love when my books come out in e-format, and start selling, but in my heart of heart I don’t know if I will truly feel comfortable calling myself a publish author until I feel the murdered pulped vegetation version in my hot little hands. 🙂


2 thoughts on “It Ain’t Easy

  1. The passive tense can sound rather formal. It’s not intimate. It focuses on action rather than the person doing the action, eg something was done by somebody. It’s ok to read in say a thesis but not in a novel where you want more direct language.

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