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The Biggest Baddest Bestest Budget Prize Ever: Celebrating the Launch Of The Spiral Tattoo

With the forthcoming release of my Debut Novel The Spiral Tattoo I have decided to run a competition. Entry is really easy, just write a review once it has come out and let me know, and you will go in for the amazing prize.

What is the prize you ask? A weekend on our rural idyll estate Entfarm, staying in our caravan!  Prize includes home baking, and dinner and breakfast.  Travel expenses NOT included…

The caravan
The guest quarters; luxury accommodation!
The view of the river
A river view; an idyllic setting!
Security: Chuck Norris the Rooster
With security provided by Chuck Norris one of our roosters!

Entries open from book release date until the 31st of July!


Food To Feed The Hungry – Monkfish Liver On Toast

I like Cuisine magazine, indeed I like it a lot, but really sometimes I think people have no idea. Take the latest issue which features a snip-it from an autobiography of some moderately well known New York Chef. I presume moderately well know, as I have never heard of her, so maybe she is well known in foody New York type circles? This chef, Gabrielle Hamilton, opened a restaurant with the aim of good old fashioned food. No “conceptual” food or “intellectual” food here. No just down-home unpretentious food like Monkfish liver on toast or marrow bones.

I could almost accept marrow bones but Monkfish liver? Your kidding right? Since when has Monkfish liver been down-home? Down-home to me is made from ingredients you will find in your average family home, or in the case of marrow bones used to be found in your average family home.


Yeah That’s Right

I remember now one of the reasons we love our little rural idyl now. No neighbours with their parties blaring music until two in the morning…

When I have moments where I am thinking it would be so much easier to live in an urban environment I just have to remember Dancing Queen outside the window.

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The Grand Auckland Trip Day Three

Today’s excitement included a trip to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. There was lots to see and we may have spent longer if it weren’t for the fact that the littlest T.B.T. had a nose bleed brought on by (we think) by the air conditioning.

The larger lad stayed on with the Grandparental units, while we took the younger back to home base. Later after he had recovered his fortitude we headed off to Botany to get a large black forest gateaux for the E.I.C.’s birthday. We had drive through donuts from Dunkin Donuts which was just a little surreal. You big city folks have strange ways I tell you.