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A Long Delayed Posting

I have been a most slack blogger of late, but then a lot has happened recently.

So now The Spiral Tattoo is available for sale from Smashwords and Amazon. I have been guilty of watching the Amazon rankings a little too much 😆 It is very exciting because obviously people are buying my story, I just wish I knew how many!  I am sure my publisher will tell me sometime soon what sales are like.

On the writing front I have finally finished writing The Oaks Grove, book two of the Tales of Elanore and Gurt. I have been wrestling with the manuscript for months, and only today came to the realisation that I was stuck on writing to “The Plan” and that “the Plan” involved a whole lot of unnecessary twaddle meant to build up to a predetermined word count.  So I wrote to what seemed to be the end of the story and that meant dropping several chapters of stuff that wasn’t needed. It means that the story at this stage is a bit short, but I am confident in the next editing pass it will come out to the right length.

In a random moment we went to Cars2 yesterday at the Civic Theatre in Waipukurau. This might just be our family outing theatre now, as the cost was cheap, the environment friendly and non- frantic, and the munchies of good value [$5.00 for lollies, popcorn and fizz].  I liked the movie but felt it was too adult aimed for the little kids.


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