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Where the EIC attempts a post…

First real day of the holidays here at the farm, Michael’s off doing the weekly big city trip to earn some dosh and I’m on school holiday duty 🙂

Luckily its a beautiful day, sun shining, birds tweeting.  The frost didn’t lift until 10ish but we spent the morning inside making clay creations to paint tomorrow.  With the sun out we then headed outside.  Me to the garage to sort out the wood for later, and  the boys to play nicely on the deck and on the tramp until….

Smallest TBT (who is prone to nosebleeds), leaned over the tramp to get something, slipped and cracked his nose (of course) on the metal frame.  Tears and blood everywhere.  Now that the bleeding has stopped (for now..) you can see the bruising and swelling.  So only day 1 and already one of our children look like a pin-up child for bad parenting! Darn.

Largest TBT has spent the last hour quietly emptying our pantry into himself.  Its like watching a force of nature 😉

Hopefully our afternoon is lovely and uneventful, but I’ve got to admit our track record for that kind of day isn’t flash  (cue scary music)




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