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Mud, Empty Water Tanks And Fractious Children

This morning I thought I would do some writing. I have a third book to write and I need to get that started while I give myself a break from thinking about the second. It started well. I opened up the word document and started typing a few words. But then it all went down hill from there.  The T.B.T.’s are both a bit fractious today, and started running riot through the house.

We decided we would entertain the pair with a big job. During the week we discovered we had nearly run out of water, which was a shock as we have had a lot of rain recently. One emergency call to the fire brigade for water later it was plain the current situation cannot last (we think it might have something to do with topping up the pond which leaks). We decided to shift the largest unused water trough from the orchard into the spot and use that as a pond instead.

The family troops down, and empties the trough then lugs it back to the home section. We start emptying the old pond, rescuing the fish and removing the old lining. Somewhere along the way we lost both boys, got ourselves caked in mud, and wet right through. We also forgot we had left the bread dough to rise in the bed (the E.I.C. tucks it in with the electric blanket going to make it nice and toasty so it rises.)

After rescuing the dough that ate the bed, changing 5 sets of clothes (the littlest changed clothes mid job and then rejoined the fray), and cleaning the floor of sugar (don’t ask), we are settling in for the afternoon.

Maybe I can get some writing done – either that or play some Civ5 😆


5 thoughts on “Mud, Empty Water Tanks And Fractious Children

  1. Keep those water tanks clean and filled to the rim! Don’t want to run into that problem again so that you can stay focused on your writing.

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