The Transport Woe

The E.I.C. doesn’t drive. She has had her learners drivers licence for over 10 years now, as well as her learners motorbike licence. Since she really, really doesn’t like driving a car, and we have been in places where it didn’t matter, it hasn’t mattered that she hasn’t learnt. Also we have only ever had one car.

Now we are out in the rural hinterland it has been problematic that she doesn’t drive. One of the grand-parental units upgraded their car and gave their old one to us, with the idea two cars would mean herself could learn to drive. That didn’t happen as she would wind herself into great knots over the thought of driving. She is a lot more relaxed about riding a bike though. So we have gone into a little more debt to buy her a scooter. A little blue scooter with a bright red helmet [photos to come when it arrives.]

This has left us with two elderly cars, which have both just failed their warrant of fitness *sigh*.  What I would really like to do is sell both cars and then buy a newer one with a lot less k’s. Little red has done 351,000kms, and big blue has done 304,000kms. However I don’t think that will happen, so we will need to sell one. Just which one is the question. Little red is more economical, but chews through the oil. Big blue has fewer quirks and smaller structural issues. Either way I don’t think either is worth that much.

On the positive side herself will have transport now. She can head out on the highway, looking for adventure… What will she do with the freedom! 🙂