Fruit, Fruit and More Fruit

All the rain, and all the sun, have meant that everything is in full spring growth. Unfortunately that includes the grass… 😆

On the positive side we have fruit growing on our trees. The apricot trees have apricots, the plums are fruiting, and the bees are buzzing merrily around the in blossom trees. Touch wood, but it looks like we are going to have a good season. Yum. 🙂


Good news to follow the bad-EIC

Must be my turn to post 🙂 After our rather gloomy transport saga last week things are looking up.  Our lovely local garage has put both elderly cars back on the road for just under $600, a bit different to the $700+ for just fixing one car that we were quoted by a Wellington garage.  We love small towns.

Our garage may even know someone who might want to buy our small red car 🙂

The even better news is that the night before we were going to have to pay the garage bill the IRD deposited a repayment of almost $500 into our slightly parched bank account.  Seriously love that timing.

On the scooter front, my beautiful blue scooter has arrived and been named Bessie.  She needed an old-fashioned name to match my Nana-like riding style.  I’ve taken her out a couple of times, although not as far as town yet.  That’ll be my next step.  Cars certainly give me a wide berth when they see a scooter with learner plates tootling down the road very slowly-lol.