Good news to follow the bad-EIC

Must be my turn to post 🙂 After our rather gloomy transport saga last week things are looking up.  Our lovely local garage has put both elderly cars back on the road for just under $600, a bit different to the $700+ for just fixing one car that we were quoted by a Wellington garage.  We love small towns.

Our garage may even know someone who might want to buy our small red car 🙂

The even better news is that the night before we were going to have to pay the garage bill the IRD deposited a repayment of almost $500 into our slightly parched bank account.  Seriously love that timing.

On the scooter front, my beautiful blue scooter has arrived and been named Bessie.  She needed an old-fashioned name to match my Nana-like riding style.  I’ve taken her out a couple of times, although not as far as town yet.  That’ll be my next step.  Cars certainly give me a wide berth when they see a scooter with learner plates tootling down the road very slowly-lol.


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