On The Streets and In The Gallary

I went for a little wander this afternoon and found myself at the National Art Gallary of Victoria. I couldn’t see the German modanists as that paid exhibition hasn’t opened yet..

I did spend a couple of hours observing the regular collection of European masters and others. So a couple of observations.

I really, really liked one called Lost by Frederick McCubbin. It had a boy sitting in the middle of a forest crying into his arm. I am pretty lousy at describing paintings, but he painted a very bucolic forest and the boy had a more real feel to the place in the painting.

Next to it was another large canvas, where would you hang them if you owned them I don’t know, of some ladies picking potatoes. They we were really real.

Some of the art I could see were well done, others meh.

There was this painting called The Triumph of Faith that was really skillfully painted but I didn’t see really what it had to do with faith. Ok I do but it’s stretching. The composition was of two nubile nude Christian girls stepping with arms across each other while chained outside a lions cage waiting for their turn in the arena. Hmmmm. I loved the comment on the description saying that the attest seemed to like to paint nude young girls in chains 😆


Watching the World Go By and Instant Pancakes

Looking out the window at the cars driving past this morning I realised I hadn’t been outside the hotel centre since Sunday lunch. I may have to correct that soon and go for a morning walk.

The hotel buffet breakfast has a pancake machine which I tried this morning. You press a button and twenty seconds later a pancake pops out onto your plate. They are more like pikelets though. 😆

Dinner last night wasn’t to bad. The food was good, though I didn’t talk much as my voice is still gone. They had a standup comic for the entertainment, which was a first for me. He was not bad.


A Tale of Woe and Foodpoisoning

The welcome function was going well. I had met some folks, and may have been co-opted into the organizing committee for next years New Zealand leg to be held at Vic. I was drinking water as I was feeling dodgy. I had one sip of a beer and passed it back.

Heading back to my room at 8 I thought a nice early night would do. No such luck.

I seem to have either picked up a tummy bug or a case of Foodpoisoning as for the rest of the night I spent talking to the white porcelain throne.

So now I haven’t really slept in two days, I ache, my tummy feels queer, and I am really, really tired. Sigh.

The bright spots being free wifi in the conference, and I have kept down the three spoons of breakfast.


Hello Melbourne, And Thanks Macdonalds For Free WiFi

Right, I have arrived in Melbourne. It’s been fairly tiring. The flight was good, and I arrived to a muggy warm day.

Being a good fellow I caught the Skybus into town to save money for work. The only trouble is that they don’t do the free transfer out to where the hotel is. I ask a friendly person what tram train to get and hope on the right one. Getting off where I think I need to, I find myself on the other side of a large park to where I need to be. A warm thirty minute walk across the park and around a lake I find myself at the hotel.

Interesting the lake had black swans, all with tags around their necks with numbers on them. I had an absurd vision of people calling “Come in Swan number 1556” lol…

Anyway the hotel is a bit archaic with no free wifi. Goodness what I am going to do as I NEED my Internet!

I get instructions to the nearest McDonalds with their free wifi. Getting off the tram about four stops too soon. *sigh* I guess the walking is good for my health, but not so much for my feet.

I wasn’t planning on the Goldn Arches for lunch but I didn’t think they would appreciate me sitting here using their wifi without buying anything. I doubt they will want me to stay too long either….


Early In The Morning

It’s ten past five in the morning and I am hanging out in the pumpkin at Wellington airport waiting to fly to Melbourne. I think this time should be banned. Feeling a lot of sympathy for the poor folks here who work and have to do this nearly every morning.

I am posting this on the work iPad using the free wifi. Ain’t technology lovely. Foolishly I left all the technology with camera’s behind so no pics coming, but I may just post a few times…. 🙂