Hello Melbourne, And Thanks Macdonalds For Free WiFi

Right, I have arrived in Melbourne. It’s been fairly tiring. The flight was good, and I arrived to a muggy warm day.

Being a good fellow I caught the Skybus into town to save money for work. The only trouble is that they don’t do the free transfer out to where the hotel is. I ask a friendly person what tram train to get and hope on the right one. Getting off where I think I need to, I find myself on the other side of a large park to where I need to be. A warm thirty minute walk across the park and around a lake I find myself at the hotel.

Interesting the lake had black swans, all with tags around their necks with numbers on them. I had an absurd vision of people calling “Come in Swan number 1556” lol…

Anyway the hotel is a bit archaic with no free wifi. Goodness what I am going to do as I NEED my Internet!

I get instructions to the nearest McDonalds with their free wifi. Getting off the tram about four stops too soon. *sigh* I guess the walking is good for my health, but not so much for my feet.

I wasn’t planning on the Goldn Arches for lunch but I didn’t think they would appreciate me sitting here using their wifi without buying anything. I doubt they will want me to stay too long either….


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