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New Years Eve

So it’s another year about to be over and a new one to dawn.

I have had a mixed year, with The Spiral Tattoo out in ebook, and The Oaks Grove released on podiobooks. 🙂 I am way behind on writing the third Fursk and Gurt, and my library re-validation journal was due in October. 😦

Being that time of year when people make resolutions, I have been contemplating if I should make some. I have never kept a resolution, so I don’t think I should make any for the coming year. Instead I am going to make some aims.

Short term I want to finish my re-validation journal and get that in before it is too late. I also want to get the major work on the third novel finished.

Long term I want to finish at least three other novel length works next year. I just have to get over writers block/fear and procrastination! One of them will be a fourth Fursk and Gurt. I want to write two other stories next year that aren’t in that world.

I also think I might aim to blog a bit again. I am thinking that some of my writing  (or lack of) may be linked to a distinct lack of blogging. I need to be enthused again. 🙂

So there are a few aims…


Frustrating Search To Buy A Downloadable Audio Book Of Tamora Pierce

Our eldest Mr11 is a veracious consumer of books, with his reading age being well above his actual age. The thing is he consumes them in audio form rather than written. While he can sit down with a book, he doesn’t enjoy that. Rather he loves to have audiobooks playing on his Ipod. Over and over again.

Earlier this year, or it might have been late last year, we bought “First Test” by Tamora Pierce from Itunes as we thought he would enjoy that. Being a typical preteen lad he didn’t want to try. 😆 Eventually, in about November this year, he finally tried it and loved it. He wanted us to buy the next in the series. We went to Itunes but they weren’t there anymore.

We have found them available in the US on Itunes and, but not in NZ. They used to be, but no longer. We have emailed Random House Audio, Random House US, Random House Australia and Random House New Zealand with no luck. I even Facebooked Tamora who replied with a nice message.  We want to buy these books legally but no one seems to be able to help. 😦

My next stop is Scholastic Australia as they have the rights down-under for the print copies…

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Deck the halls

It must be my turn for a post…

Traditionally we put up a christmas tree in the first weekend of December.  We’ve always been keen on a real tree even though it gives me hayfever, usually I just take an anti-histamine and get on with it 🙂  However, last year Mr 5 developed hayfever and an exciting bonus of allergy triggered nose bleeds, end of pine tree in the lounge for us!

Rather than hunt down an expensive plastic tree, we looked around for other options.  Lo, on the hill was a cherry tree that hadn’t survived a transplant and a dry summer.  So we sent Mr 11 out with a saw and instructions to return with the Xmas twig and all his fingers.

Propped up in a bucket and festooned in all our Xmas decorations we think the Xmas twig looks very festive (not to mention free) , and not a sneeze to be heard 🙂


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The Take-away Dilemma

For a long while now we have been contemplating the dilemma that is take-away’s. Every now and then you just don’t want to cook, and a good take-away is required. Living 15 minutes out of town has complicated things.

Our options have been really bad fish and chips, or even worse Chinese. The closest fish and chip shop which is any where near edible is a further twenty minutes away in Woodville. (Which is why we try and time travel through there  at tea time when we head to Palmerston North).

KFC and McDonalds ends up as cold stodgy and not very nice.

So we were, if not excited, curious to see how the new Indian take-away joint would be. Well it is good. And you can get Indian hot curry as opposed to Kiwi hot curry. This may be our monthly family take-away’s! 🙂

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Don’t Sweat The Big Stuff

The E.I.C. has been doing some relieving at a local Kindy, using her provisional registration as primary school teacher to get her foot in the door. Her registration is nearly due for renewal and she has been dithering over renewing it.

This morning she decided that since she quite liked the work, and didn’t really like primary, she may as well do the post graduate diploma in early childhood teaching. Nevermind that the closing date applications in NEXT Wednesday. Thus it was that the early afternoon was spent rushing around town so she could fast post the application off. Good thing we had kept her transcripts… 😆