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Deck the halls

It must be my turn for a post…

Traditionally we put up a christmas tree in the first weekend of December.  We’ve always been keen on a real tree even though it gives me hayfever, usually I just take an anti-histamine and get on with it 🙂  However, last year Mr 5 developed hayfever and an exciting bonus of allergy triggered nose bleeds, end of pine tree in the lounge for us!

Rather than hunt down an expensive plastic tree, we looked around for other options.  Lo, on the hill was a cherry tree that hadn’t survived a transplant and a dry summer.  So we sent Mr 11 out with a saw and instructions to return with the Xmas twig and all his fingers.

Propped up in a bucket and festooned in all our Xmas decorations we think the Xmas twig looks very festive (not to mention free) , and not a sneeze to be heard 🙂



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