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New Years Eve

So it’s another year about to be over and a new one to dawn.

I have had a mixed year, with The Spiral Tattoo out in ebook, and The Oaks Grove released on podiobooks. 🙂 I am way behind on writing the third Fursk and Gurt, and my library re-validation journal was due in October. 😦

Being that time of year when people make resolutions, I have been contemplating if I should make some. I have never kept a resolution, so I don’t think I should make any for the coming year. Instead I am going to make some aims.

Short term I want to finish my re-validation journal and get that in before it is too late. I also want to get the major work on the third novel finished.

Long term I want to finish at least three other novel length works next year. I just have to get over writers block/fear and procrastination! One of them will be a fourth Fursk and Gurt. I want to write two other stories next year that aren’t in that world.

I also think I might aim to blog a bit again. I am thinking that some of my writing  (or lack of) may be linked to a distinct lack of blogging. I need to be enthused again. 🙂

So there are a few aims…


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