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The Random Post of Randomness

This post consists of words. The purpose of these words is to maintain my posting on the blog everyday this year and I have little to say. 😆

Actually it has been a good day. We all arose early this morning and went down to the river to fish. The swimming creatures were safe as all we caught were leaves, but it was enjoyably peaceful. We baked bread, bagels and chocolate fairy cakes this morning, and I played Sonic Unleashed [PS3] with the boys for a couple of hour. Terribly bad parenting probably but made up for it by fishing and baking. 🙂

In the afternoon we headed to Woodville and hit the second hand shops. Mr11 found a Star Trek Encyclopedia and some Star Trek novels. Mr5 found some small cocktail skewers and a book on how to make boomerangs. We bought some chips from the Fish and Chip shop and headed home for a game of Settlers of Catan – which I won!

Hmmm It looks like I did have some stuff to say 🙂


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