The Muppets Movie: A Review Of Legendary Awesomeness

So I thought that I would do a movie review. I might even review every movie we get to this year. Fortunately for you that won’t be many 😆

Technically we didn’t see this movie this year, but last year. Since that was only by a couple of days I don’t think that matters.

The Muppets movie had to have been my most eagerly awaited movie for ages. I think that The Muppets were made to rule the Internet and their marketing was superb. It even had me go buy more Muppeting goodness when we acquired the first season of the TV show (We now have season two and three as well).

Being a fan though doesn’t mean I am totally blind; there was potential for much badness with this movie, afterall not all the previous Muppet movies have been that flash. A Muppets Christmas Carol is fantastic, but The Muppets Take Manhattan is lame. I was afeared that it would go the way of the later.

Lucky for me it didn’t. The Muppets Movie was just what I hoped it would be. And not only did I love it but the kids did as well. Sure there were few weak moments, at it was a bit sappy at points, but it struck just the right balance of paying homage to the awesomeness of the original tv series, being new and taking itself not very seriously without being self indulgent. 🙂

So I would give it 5 happy moments out of 5. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

And because you can’t have too much Muppets here is my favourite song from the show; although I am worried what that says about me 🙂


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